Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hi Mom! Glad to hear everyone is well and no more sickness! Our baptism for "B" will happen this Saturday! We are meeting with him every day now to prepare him but he is so ready already. It's pretty cool to work with him and see him grow! He is so open and willing to change. He tells us every time we meet how much he is being blessed by living the gospel and we can tell he is a much better person. He knows this church is true and he has given up a lot to become a member. It will be Elder C's 1st baptism and my first confirmation! We are so excited!! 

The ward here is very small but covers a huge area. Which means we have a lot of work to do! Yak 2nd does an ok job at feeding us compared to Duportail but we're just fine :) We have lots of food places (Subway, Taco Bell, etc) and a Fred Meyer close in case we need something and then food at home to eat of course. We are doing fine :) 

That's a great idea to print out all our email correspondence and pictures and compile it! I love it! It will be a great thing to go back through afterwards! That way I don't have to do so also haha! I can just delete all the messages in my account so I don't have to worry about it later! They only keep our accounts open a week after we return home so... THANK YOU!! That will be great to record all that :) 

Look what I found in my notebook the other day!

Elder "C."

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