Saturday, January 10, 2015

Transferred to Yakima!

Hey Mom! 

Things are going well! Yakima is crazy but I am just fine :) I'm in the area that has the reputation of being the sketchiest place in the mission but.... despite that I am having a good time. I've already heard gunshots and seen lots of things I don't usually want to. The ward I'm in now is a huge area. We're the only area in this zone without a car. We get to cover it all on foot. LUCKY us! Half of the area is SUPER destitute and scary. We aren't allowed to go past a certain point past dark by order of President Ware. Not sure what to think of this place yet but I'm just along for the ride and I know this is where I need to be! I miss Duportail ward but I know I will try to visit someday. It feels like home there now haha My companion is Elder "C" from Queen Creek, AZ.

Glad you guys enjoyed everything in the package that I sent! And glad that you were able to get the jury duty thing figured out! (Elder B had received a jury summons for the city municipal court). We are e-mailing at the library right now and we only get 1 hour on their computers so hopefully we can go to the FHC next time so I can e-mail longer. I look forward to a reply letter! I love you! Have a great week!

***Hopefully next week he'll send me some pictures!***

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