Monday, September 14, 2015

Hey Mom!
Doing great, and had a great week! The new Sister IS Sister Skousen! She's pretty awesome! I got to meet her when the new missionaries arrived and she told me her dad graduated from Coconino. How crazy is that? She is from Prescott. Our new Zone is pretty awesome too!! We have Elder Holden and Elder Olsen living with us and it's been crazy but fun having roommates. Nope I haven't finished the letter yet.. It's getting there! haha I promise it will be done and on it's way TODAY! You wouldn't believe how crazy this week was haha! SO great though! I'm loving it!

Oh! Do you know how to get that primary song about Gethsemane? It's newer and I love it! I heard it for the first time in Yakima. Have you heard that one? It's so good!

This week we had several neat experiences! One of which was, we felt that we should do some tracting on Stoneridge street at 8 at night. We knocked on this one door. There was a pause as we waited for someone to come answer. After a few minutes a lady holding a laptop computer answered the door. She said "Hey guys! Did you even ring the doorbell or knock?" We told her that we did. She said she just felt like someone was here so she came to check the front door. We introduced ourselves and began a door approach but she let us know that her name was "D" and that she was actually a member! She had been inactive for several years and was actually contemplating returning to church that very day before we showed up! She told us that she has been struggling and that she really felt that returning to church would be the thing to help her and her unbaptized 12 year old son. We told her when church was that that she was more that welcome to attend! She ended up coming and LOVED it. She wants us to teach her family and we are super excited! We are seeing so many miracles and it is great! 

I love you! Hope you have a great week! Love Elder B

P-day last week:

Transfers last week. 
The three in front of me fell over just as the picture took:

Our new, manly, flannel service shirts:


 Rocky Reach Dam

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