Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

(What an original title, I know!)

Welcome, foolish mortals! It was a scary, haunted night in our neighborhood!  Happy haunts materialized, pumpkins screamed in the dead of night, people died of fright!

  Here we have Rapunzel, Looney Luna Lovegood (complete with official Luna wand), Buzz Lightyear (sans wings), and Princess Sarah (which is kind of redundant to say, since "Sarah" means "Princess"!).
And here is the official candy passer-outer (don't worry, he didn't "faint", he just gave candy to little kids):

Dean was also the home protector since Dad wasn't home from work yet.  Here you can see that he just turned "Jason" away.  Whew, that was close.  Great job, Dean!
Starting out on the path to candy, candy, CANDY!!!!  
The first door.....

We came upon this cute little scene....ghosts doing the happy dance 'round a tree.  Isn't that special?
We went trick or treating with Dracula and a stray cat~
We even had a run-in with the WW1 flying Ace!!!!
Some Grim-Grinning Ghosts came out to socialize, and Cap'n Hook also sailed in for the occasion:
Life's no fun without a good scare!!!!!  Scream like a banshee, jump right out of your skin!!!

Glowing girls:
Creepy moon (of course, my camera never captures the full effect...just glad the moon wasn't "full".  That really would've been creepy).  
All done!
After candy fun, we went inside where it was safe and warm, and watched "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken".  This is one of the best Halloween-ish movies ever!  If it wasn't a school night we probably would've tried to squeeze in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", Garfield's Halloween Adventure and "Arsenic and Old Lace", too.

We also ate yummy stuff (Dean DID get off the computer and watched the movie with us).



Carolyn Smith said...

It looks like they had lots of fun. Thanks for posting the pictures. I hope everyone shared their candy with Dean!!! Happy Halloween

A113-Dean said...

Explain to me who Jason is, "I am the one Hiding under your BED..." and it's called Garfield's Halloween Adventure.

Rebecca said...

Jason is the "star" of the Halloween movies. I've only seen the first one (when it was on T.V.), but I think he comes out every Halloween in his hockey mask and kills people.

Ya, ya, it's "bed", not "stairs". I'm sure it's probably not a cat either, but oh well.

A113-Dean said...

Scary... Glad I sent him away!

The Browns said...

ACTUALLY Jason is Friday the 13th. Michael Myers is Halloween. But both are equally scary. =]

Thanks for posting all the pics. SUPER CUTE! I wish I knew Nathan was going to be Buzz...I have the blow up wings that go with that costume. =] Everyone looks great!

Rebecca said...

Oh yah, MICHAEL MEYERS...duh!!!! That shows how much I watch or pay attention to scary movies anymore!!!!! But Jason DOES wear the hockey mask doesn't he?!!!

The Browns said...

YES Jason wears the Hockey Mask. =]

OH and I'm giving you the
I MISS YOUR STINKING BLOG award. Cuz I miss reading about you guys. =]

Have a happy. =]