A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!!!

I think we are in a time warp...9:00 feels like 6:00, etc. I am constantly shocked when I look at the clock and it is 2 or 3 hours later than I think it is. This is the view out my bedroom window....at 9:00 pm!!! Yes, we are on daylight savings time in Idaho, but it doesn't get dark until 10:00! When we left Arizona it was getting dark at 8:00 and there's only one hour difference between here and there because Arizona is NOT on DST. All the sunshine is great...except for the fact that we (more specifically--NATHAN and SARAH) are used to about an hour or two of darkness before turning in for the night. That now equates to almost midnight, and they will not be dissuaded (did I spell that right?)....YAWN!!!!! It was a beautiful day today. We've been jealous because our former town in AZ has been doing the monsoon thing with cooler temps (70's) and all. We've been in the 90's here (and if you'll remember from a previous post, we have not been using the AC!!!!!), but today the highest temperature was 82, we got a little rain this afternoon, my allergies weren't TOO horrible, and right now it's a nice, breezy 73! To top it off, Sarah just put her arms around me and told me I'm a cute girl. It doesn't get much better than that.


Hooray you have a blog! You inspired me to update mine today. I love seeing whats going on with you guys. Harry Potter was amazing, right?! That was our first date night in a long time, but we made sure to make it happen. Have a good one!
The Browns said…
Wow! that's 9pm??? Have fun with that! Man, Ben would be done with the backyard by now if he had daylight till then. Course, it doesn't really matter, he just pulls out the big lights and keeps going till late anyway. ALRIGHT. so where did you get those pics of the kids? Did you do that online? Did Dean do that in photoshop? Did you do that at Disneyland??? WHERE?? I love that! Anyways, love your blog. OH and is that an updated pic of YOU cuz you are looking GOOD! =]
Rebecca said…
I like your blog too, Amelia!!! Harry Potter was the best!

Heidi: Dean did the kids pictures in power point. Aren't they cool? Nathan and Sarah just laugh and laugh. The picture of me is from the Madrigal dinner...I just cropped you and mom out of it. It's the only decent picture of me I could find!!!!! )o:
The Browns said…
Dean did an AMAZING job! That boy has SKILL! You need to get him some sort of REALLY GOOD photo editing software!!

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