Sunday, July 17, 2011


Here we are at the top of the stairs looking down. To the right is the family room. To the left is the master bedroom. Stairs are on the far right, far left is the boy's room, and in the center is the shortest hallway in the world which leads to the master bedroom.

You can barely see the master bedroom door...

Roomy Master Bedroom! Our king-size bed swallowed up our Arizona bedroom, but there is tons of room to spare here! Right by the ficus tree on the right is the door to the bathroom.

Two closets...and I got the walk-in one! Most guys don't care about that sort of thing! Door to the left of the clock is the bedroom door. Door to the right of the clock is my closet.

Closet is bigger than it looks, but it is not huge. Don't like my squished clothes, but there are worse things in life I suppose.

So, I really like the fact that the vanity is seperate from the toilet/tub (you can see the door to the toilet/tub room in the mirror)

Why there is a wall here is beyond me!!!!

Stairs to the right, Boy's room (blue bed), kid's bathroom, and laundry room to the left of the clock. more laundry closet in the hallway! The laundry room isn't very big, but at least it is an actual room with a door!!!!!

Girl's room...oops, I did the pictures backwards (should've started with the doorway...the doorway is to the right of the closet).

Kid's bathroom

Girl's room to the right, stairs to the left, family room in the center.


Anonymous said...

What a fun home. THANKS for sharing and good luck with the sale of your home in Flagstaff. Hugs from WA! Tamara

Colleen said...

Your house looks beautiful. Probably nice to get a fresh start. sometimes I wish we could move just so I'd be forced to de-junk!