Sunday, July 17, 2011

Old house, New house

My sis has requested pictures of our new house in Idaho so here they are! I will probably do seperate posts because I'm still new at this blogging stuff and the "new post" tools don't seem to be very user friendly...I haven't figured everything out yet. The pictures load weird and I haven't figured out how to move them around. Also, you have to do things backwards...for example, I should've done this post last so that it would appear on the blog FIRST!
I'm from that "in-between" computer era when computers were around and we had them in High School and at College, but we weren't required to use them all the time (and, of course, there was no internet!!!). I'm pretty good at figuring things out, but there is certainly a lot I DON'T know and I'm continually learning. I'm not quite as tech-savvy as my kids are!

Old house in Arizona that hopefully will sell soon so that we aren't ruined financially... New house in Idaho:
We are renting this house (because Arizona house hasn't sold) for only $825/month! If this house were in our former town, it would rent for a lot more (you are lucky if you can rent a two-bedroom apartment there for $825!!) It's not huge, but it's about 200 sq ft larger than what we had in AZ and it has several things we wished we had before, like...........a garage! A big backyard! Master bedroom (meaning a private bathroom attached)! More than 1 1/2 bathrooms! High speed internet!

The only things we don't like? 1) no storage (not even a linen closet...who ever heard of a house without a linen closet for pete's sake?), 2) we have Ant and Earwig invaders (not to mention wasps nesting in the bottom of our storm door) and the Property management company has not responded to my request for extermination! 3) We finally have AC but we're too poor to use it (double house and utility payments)! 4) Only 3 bedrooms

Picture of our new street (it is "L" shaped). Dean said it reminds him of Privet Drive (HP).


The Browns said...

YAY! Thanks for the pics! =] And you cracked and got a playlist! HAHAHA!! =] Love it! Love your blog so far! Great job!

Carolyn Smith said...

Great job Becky. You have put your new house together beautifully. I love it...and Heaven help the verticle blinds.