Sunday, July 17, 2011


Here you can see the kitchen from the living room (yes, that is Harry Potter music on the kids said I was only allowed to play Harry Potter this last week). New kitchen, with a pantry!!! Don't you love that "eyesore" black fridge? We miss all our new appliances from our Arizona house. )o:

So, we didn't bring our Dining table and chairs to Idaho and moving cost us more than we anticipated, so we are using my craft table and folding chairs. Hey, it's better than sitting on the floor!!! If I don't keep the crumbs swept/vacuumed, sugar ants pay us a visit (Nathan and Sarah call them "bad ants").

Hey, look mom--vertical blinds (your favorite)!!!! The blinds are hiding the sliding glass door to the backyard.

This is the pantry...pantries, closets, bathrooms and small bedrooms are hard to take pictures of. The pantry is bigger than it looks!!!!


Megan said...

Your new house looks awesome. Although when I saw the old one in Flagstaff it brought back good memories.

Josie said...

Becky, this is so much fun to look at! You seem really happy. I hope everything works out for you guys. How's the new ward? Miss you. Still waiting on getting into our new home.