Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17th, 2017

Hi Mom!  

I love you!  Just so you know, I just sent some packages home with things I can't carry anymore (and also things siblings can have). Ask me about them next time. :)  I'm also going to send a package with my winter gear (except for my coats), just so transfers will be easier.

We started doing vip tours last Friday and I'm going again tomorrow. Yesterday the sisters in this mission and the Pocatello mission had a personal tour with Elder Wilson of the Seventy. The work they've done on the temple is so beautiful! You should look it up!  Everything is themed in white and green colors, and there are murals everywhere (which was there before, but they did some touch up).  Everyone's been asking us if the cafeteria is still going to be there (I've heard it was great back in the day, especially their pie) and it is. When we came on Friday they didn't have everything fully set up, so we stood around wondering what to do.  We ended up showing the other sisters who arrived how to use the camera.  We may have possibly taken too many goofy pictures, but I only have one right now (taken when I didn't know the camera was on...).  Then we ate lunch and started work at the reception center (last part of the tour).  It's set up in the visitor center of the temple.  The amount of people that came in for three hours, they're anticipating the same amount in one hour when the tours get crazy!  But that's ok because the majority of them will probably be members.  Most of the visitors zoomed through, and my companion even had someone tell her, "We're members, you don't have to talk to us". I get what they're trying to say, but sheesh don't be rude! And it seemed like the majority of people were trying to catch their bus as well, so I don't know how everything is going to be organized.  There were some nice people however. :)  These teenagers asked me why there were black things on the seats in the instruction room, and I guessed it was for audio because I didn't go inside yet (it was, specifically for ASL).  They also asked why there was a big rectangle gap in the wall of the celestial room, and when I asked Elder Wilson he didn't know either. Haha! It was just decoration.  Well, it's going to be a crazy transfer, but I'm excited!  We got invited to several dinners and an Easter egg hunt, but we didn't have time because sister Chandler got to skype her sister! President is letting us skype nonmember family members for the first few lessons, and we got to teach her non-member brother in law.  Easter is my favorite holiday, even compared to Christmas.  Mostly because it's about Christ's Resurrection. 

Have you seen the Easter videos on They're great! Yesterday after dinner we shared the main video, and Sister Chandler showed her favorite video on compassion. It touched the members so much that when the husband tried to say a prayer he started tearing up. His wife had to say it. After that he said it was the video. It was so sweet! 

I hope you have an amazing week! I love you! <3
~Sister Brinkerhoff

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