Monday, March 9, 2015

This has been a great week!

Dear Mom

This has been a great week! "B" is finally back on date and he will be baptized this Saturday the 14th! Elder Plehn and I are very excited for him. He has made a lot of progress and has overcome a lot of challenges in his life. He had to give up alcohol and now feels so good that he has. His testimony is so strong and he's already doing missionary work as a non member. "A" is very converted and began taking the lessons before "R" did. Now that she loves it and "R" has seen how much it means to her, he is taking the lessons! We are very excited! The only thing holding them back is that they need to be legally married and they do not have state ID. It was stolen in Oregon so they are looking for ways to re-gain identification. We found 2 new investigators this week named "B" and "H". They seem very interested in learning more! We are going to put them on date for baptism as soon as we can meet with them again!  We have received several referrals and we are seeing many great miracles as we are striving to have daily improvement and to be exactly obedient.

However I feel sick again... I hate colds!! They stink!

 We taught many lessons and had a good time, but on Saturday we locked ourselves out of the apartment haha Elder P left the keys inside... Thankfully something crazy happened the day before. We were given a Papa Murpheys pizza the night before (cook it yourself pizza) (We've had so many people drop off fast food when they sign up for dinners lately that it's getting ridiculous but that's a different story.). It was in the oven at the right temperature and it was barely on there for 10 minutes when smoke began billowing out and it was burnt on one side. We opened all the windows to let air in and get the smoke out. After that, I decided to leave one of the windows unlocked. Funny enough we get locked out the next day with no way in except through the window! The Lord is obviously watching out for us even in small ways like that! Missions are amazing. Little stuff like this happens all the time and I'm trying to make sure it all gets written down!

Our follow up with the Bishop and his family went well! After our dinner with them they invited a friend to church with them! She came and seemed very interested in learning more. We were introduced briefly and hopefully will be able to begin teaching her! The Bishop's daughter just got off of her mission on temple square. There's actually an article about her on the Mormon Times news if you want to find it! It's a cool story and she's a great member missionary. She's working with us on investigators and making sure we get fed on the dinner calendar. She sympathizes haha! Good things are happening in this ward. Miracles are happening everywhere. 

Great news! Just got a new referral on the phone as I was typing this up haha

Transfers ARE coming up! that's right! I don't know if I will stay or not. we will see! And I will let you know!

I am excited to get my tax forms and your letters! Can't wait to see Sarah's letter! She's so sweet. Tell her (And everyone else too) Hi and I love you! 

Love, Elder Brinkerhoff

Here's a scenic view of Yakima!! :)

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