Monday, March 23, 2015

Hi Mom! Our week was great! We did service at the Salvation Army and had a lot of good potential investigators found. The word is that the new Yakima mission President (President Lewis) will be living here in 2nd ward. We also had super fun exchanges on Thursday with my DL and his companion and we even had "B" volunteer to come out on visits with us a week ago (1 day after his confirmation!!!).  He is so cool and is so happy with the gospel in his life. The Temple was an awesome spiritual experience as always. We're continuing to work with "R" and "A" on getting married so they can be baptized and we have had so much success lately with many other non-members and less actives! It is super cool! Missions are the best! We are even helping "I" (the 9 year old) to be baptized this Saturday!!!

Things are great!! 

That's why transfer news was bittersweet.

This is what we found out on Saturday night:

1.Elder P and I are BOTH being taken out of Yakima 2nd ward on Wednesday the 25th. 

2. The Zone leaders in Yakima 3rd (Barnes and Taylor) are taking on both their area and ours!

3. Elder P and I are being Doubled into Kennewick!! We will be companions over the Cottonwood Springs and the Rancho Reata wards!

This sort of thing is pretty much unheard of! Our bishop and several members of our ward are super disappointed that we are both leaving.. I don't know how I feel! It will be an adventure for sure!! Covering 2 new wards with Elder P as my companion still and neither of us know anything about the area... Pray for us! We hear that President Ware definitely made an inspired decision though from what our ZL's said after talking to him. It's pretty exciting news! We are very sad that we can't be at "I's" baptism but we are excited for her. 

Glad everything is going well and that you are all safe and happy! I pray for you every night and I am excited to continue my mission adventure. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Brinkerhoff

Spring is here!! :) It's so pretty!

Yakima is the palm springs of Wa. according to this sign! haha

Temple trip!

Some of the sidewalks in our area are super old! (1911!) 

GOODBYE YAKIMA!! (For good?)

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