Saturday, August 6, 2011

What do we do all day?

Amy's the 'active one'.....she spends lots of time outside riding her scooter, or hangin' with her new friend, Cora! Yes, I took this picture through a screen!!!! Yes, the grass looks brown because the sprinklers aren't working. Management finally got around to informing the owner--now that it looks terrible--and hopefully it will be remedied soon!

Lots of what I do involves the use of this baby (other than the cooking and cleaning of course): More computer.....surprised? We're just computer geeks, I guess.
When Nathan and Sarah aren't in the house wreaking havoc, and if it's not too hot, they like to go outside and pick weeds!

Blow puff balls....... (great--more weeds)!

Grow weeds out of their heads.........or maybe just grow like weeds

(at least Nathan's not in his underwear this time)!
Chanon actually goes to work everyday (except Sunday)!!!! No pictures of that, though!

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Carolyn Smith said...

This is what I am talking about. Just what is going on during the day. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!