Yay...Dean got "in" at Pottermore!!!!! He is now "magical", and Professor McGonnagal and the magic quill have chosen Dean to attend Hogwarts!!!!! (The magic quill is what "tells" the Professor each summer which children should get a letter to attend Hogwarts). Pottermore.com is basically a "supplement" to the books...J.K. Rowling is going to reveal stuff that she's never revealed about the books before, registrants will be sorted into houses, etc....the details are a bit elusive right now. It's free and open to anyone in October, but right now, if you're lucky, you can register through the magical quill challenge to get in early. Registration is only open a couple of hours every day, British Standard time (for 7 days beginning July 31st....Harry & J.K.'s b-day....not to mention mine!) and there are limited numbers of accounts accepted each day. They are allowing "only" 1 million registrations world wide throughout the course of the week.

You have to answer a clue question to "find" the magical quill, which allows you to complete your registration. Pretty cool, and not easy to get in! Those who get in early get to help shape the website's "experience" before the general public is allowed access. Dean's pretty excited (to say the least)!!!!! Dean says, "Not Slytherin, not Slytherin!!!!" He looks like Harry Potter, so, better be.......GRYFFINDOR!!!!!

See the video on my sidebar!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Carolyn Smith said…
Yeah for Dean. I can't find out when it will be open for Day 5 yet. I am so excited that Dean got in...I agree...Not Slytherin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carolyn Smith said…
I made it on Day 5...yeah...I am magical too
Rebecca said…
Wow...impressive Mom! (o:

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