Monday, August 15, 2011

The week in pictures (mostly)!

WELL! This was a somewhat productive week. All the kids are now registered for school (we'll save school pics for next week!). We got some yardwork done, and our sprinklers FINALLY got fixed. The lawn is starting to green up (no picture of that yet).

Chanon mowing the lawn (before sprinklers were fixed): My front door/entry project:

The bushes were already there, but when we moved in this area was a bit of a mess! I cleared out the weeds, tidied up, added rock borders, the white rock and three urns. The pink flowers in the back were planted in the tall urn AFTER this picture was taken. This morning when I went outside they looked like they are dying. I do not have a green thumb. In fact, I think I have a black thumb, which is why I have silk plants in my house. I may even plant some silk flowers in that urn if the pink flowers don't perk back up!!!!

Who would've guessed (other than a botanist) that this pretty little tree in our front yard was hiding a secret?

Yep, in addition to finding an abandoned bird's nest, this week we discovered that the tree grows fruit! I looked it up online and discovered that this is a cherry plum tree. It grows plums the size of cherry tomatoes, and these ones are very tasty! We picked quite a few and I wish we would've discovered this sooner because the fruit is definitely ripe...just slightly too ripe. It would've been nice to pick some a little earlier when they were not quite so soft. Most of what we picked has been eaten now. They taste just like sweet plums and look like those giant red globe grapes. They have a little pit inside. YUM! Evidently (according to a neighbor) we also have two green apple trees!

Nathan and Sarah playing in Dad's truck (aka...playpen) while I picked fruit:

Emily had three friends over Wednesday night for a video party (no pictures of that....I didn't want to freak her friends out or anything by taking pictures!). They watched "A Series of Unfortunate Events", ate snacks, and had a good time! Emily also went on a YM/YW boating/water-skiing activity (there is a lake close by--Lake Lowell).

Dean worked on his Disneyland "movie" and he says he should finish this week. Amy rode her scooter, hung out with Cora, watered flowers, got to check out her new school and played "Pixie Hollow".

Chanon's been working A LOT (p.s...he works at MICRON in Boise), but we finally had a little extra money to spare, so he got to see Harry Potter 7--2 Saturday night and go on a date with me! Here he is in his 3D glasses (pretty hot, huh?!!):

We ended the movie (and the week) with this eerie full moon at midnight~ I wish I had a better camera...the whole sky was filled with clouds that looked like the ones surrounding the moon in this picture......rather creepy!

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Carolyn Smith said...

Great Chanon's hair cut. Nathan and Sarah are really growing. Looking forward to the school pics