Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best place to walk (except for Disneyland)......EVER!!!!!

This is us at the Middle Creek walking, we don't have six kids now (one is Amy's friend, Cora)! I'm taking the picture, of course!!!!!

This walking path runs right beside a creek...which runs in the middle of a neighborhood with backyards bordering it!!! It's gorgeous...these pictures just don't do it justice.
There are even ducks who live here!

The round "object" in the path is actually a distance marker! Evidently this path stretches on for about 4 miles (you do have to cross some streets though at various points). We didn't have time to do the whole thing this trip.

This place feels like a cross between California and Louisiana! We kinda think it feels like being in New Orleans Square!!! ha ha...we're such Disneyland freaks.

I took these pictures around 9pm so the lighting wasn't the greatest.....

The best part of all? It's not too far from our house!!!! I think I've found my new walking route!

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Carolyn Smith said...

This is great...keep them coming!!! Did you take pictures of the kids registering and their schools?