Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy, happy, Birthday to you!

Nathan's Birthday is on the 18th, Sarah's is on the 28th, but we celebrated them both on the 14th!!!!.......(?) Nathan couldn't stand it any longer (there's no reasoning with him), and Dad doesn't work on Sunday so we went ahead and did it early!

Nathan with his presents....just chomping at the bit waiting to tear in!

He wanted a Zurg (pictured), Finn and Holly cars from Cars 2, and Dinosaurs....and that's what he got!

Sarah wanted "Rapunzel stuff".....

She got a Rapunzel doll, some Rapunzel hair........

..............and "TANGLED"!!!!!!!

She also got a Barbie

(maybe she'll leave Amy's alone now...maybe)

and a princess game.

3 years old (almost) and afraid to blow out the candles! Nathan's a pro at 6 years old (he's got experience!)

Excitement! Fear!!!!!!

Yum...cake! (Where's Amy?)



The Browns said...

Hey, love your "week in pictures" And the birthday party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH AND NATHAN!!! I can't believe how they're growing up so fast! *sigh* Anyways, thanks for the updates!

Carolyn Smith said...

Happy Birthday Nathan and Sarah. It looks like lots of fun...Thanks for sharing the new pictures. I love it!!!

A said...

You were wrong mom!She wont leave me alone! Now everytime Sarah is playing with her rupunzel doll, she goes up to me with her and says,"Mother, can I see the floating lights please?"