Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi Mom!

It was so exciting to get the news from Sister Hogsett about Emily! She sent her husband over to the house with an envelope with her picture and the news on it. We weren't home yet so I got it from Brother Jones. I opened it and read the news about an hour and a half after she opened it if I got the timing right!

The week was great! It's hard to remember what happens week to week but that's why my planner comes in handy! 

We had interviews with President and Sister Lewis and it was so good! I hope to be writing in my journal more consistently because of Sister Lewis's pep talk all about it. President helped me feel confident in what I am doing and helped me have kind of a reset or reassurance that my efforts have been meaningful! It has been a hard few transfers and he knows what I'm going through. He knows I'm capable of handling all of it though. Doing my best to press Forward!! he wants me to document what Elder Hanna and I have been doing to help the members of 4th ward get excited about missionary work.

We had some investigators from China come to 7th ward yesterday. Brother "B" knows them at work and they accepted his invitation to visit our ward after coming to a ward barbecue a few weeks ago! They are here for a year and they speak great English. They have Chinese Books of Mormon and they had a good time yesterday! They met lots of people and introduced themselves many times! They bowed and said "it's a great honor to have us here" haha it was pretty awesome! We're hoping to be able to begin teaching them soon! 

Man, I don't remember what else to say. I am excited to hear more about Emily and Meagan and their adventures! How neat would it be if Emily ended up in Nampa? haha I know a lot of people from Pocatello here in Wa though and they all say that even though it definitely is the armpit of idaho it's not as bad as everyone says. Any questions about Emily's mission prep? I am in a zone with 10 sisters so I have lots of resources to ask questions too! is Meagan planning on going to school or serving a mission? Crazy that she is graduating!

I love you! Love Elder B

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