Monday, May 23, 2016

(Posting this just a little late.....)

Hi Mom!

Feels weird that I've been out 22 months but the work has been great! District meetings have been fun! I've been training the district on how to create effective lesson plans and it's really helping everyone. Elder Hanna and I included! We took some time to create a plan with scriptures and questions for a make-believe investigator and then took time to roleplay/practice the plans we made. I don't have another one for 2 weeks though because of our monthly Zone Training Meeting coming up this week. 

We had a wonderful time at the temple this Wednesday and we have received so many blessings and insights from our time there. The spirit has been very strong. It helped Elder Hanna and I to receive revelation for our investigators. Particularly the "C" family. They are our top investigators this week. We have committed them to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know it's true.

District Council has been very enlightening for all of us. Preparing lesson plans in the way we've been practicing for the DC role plays has been great! I have some powerful teachers in this group! Sisters Averett and Michalek have been a good match for each other and they have done some excellent work together. They seem very happy together. Sister Hirsche and Sister Luevano are a wonderful match as well! They are great teachers and I was very impressed with their teaching abilities this week in District Council role-plays. Elders Wilkey and Haymond taught us and shared a lot of helpful insight on exchanges this week. Elder Hanna and I have struggled with unity and teaching simply but we now have a very structured companion study schedule and we are utilizing a really neat way to study the 42 principles that have worked very well. We are looking forward to more effective oyms and lessons as a result. 

What time works best for you to skype? They haven't told us anything about the time limit or anything. We are in church from early in the morning till about 4pm. Then we usually have a dinner appt at 5 so anytime after 6 will be best for us. We normally have a couple appointments on Sunday nights but because of Mother's Day we probably won't have any. Plus I have no idea if we are on the same time or not. I will most likely be able to call for 5 minutes the day before. Hope Emily gets her call this weekend! That'd be sweet! Won't have to wait for Sister Hogsett to tell me haha

The "L" 's sealing was great! Our zone temple trip was fun too! We got to eat at Costa Vida for lunch and it was just like old times :) Never thought that would ever happen again! I miss Tri-Cities!

Well, I can't wait until next week too see you guys! keep feeling better and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love Elder B
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