Friday, April 29, 2016

Hey Mom! 

I'm doing great! The temple was amazing and we have like no time to write today gaaaah!

This week we had some great lessons! We have a new energy and motivation to help investigators be less apathetic. We feel that our commitments for the people in this area have been a little hard for them. We helped some of them come up with small "goals" that they can make for themselves to improve and repent. Then, we promised them blessings and offered ways for them to accomplish these goals. We also had them commit us to do something in turn to help them feel the motivation of a group effort. It's going pretty well! :) 

I learned this week that a temple sealing is extremely short but is pretty much the most powerful ordinance I've ever seen! I was blown away at the spirit that was in the sealing room when the Ludeman's knelt at the altar and made sacred binding promises to each other. I could see and feel the love they have for each other and the love that the Lord has for them too! The temple is amazing!!!!!! I can't wait to go through an endowment on Wednesday! Got to see Elder Stef there (former Kennewick zone member) and I briefly saw Sister Cain run down the hall in the Gage building (Old couple I lived with in Kennewick) but she didn't see me. It was weird to leave the mission but the Joneses were so nice to take us! We got some sweet pictures and ate at Panda Express in Pasco. SO good! 

Well, I love you! I will try to respond to your questions later!

Love Elder Brinkerhoff

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