Monday, April 18, 2016

Hey Mom!

Great first week of the transfer so far! Yes I am still with Elder Hanna. I am so excited to tell you about everything that is happening!!

First, I have to plan my first District Council for this transfer ALL today because I just got the official outline for it from the APs this morning... and it's tomorrow!!!! AHHH! 

Then, later this week we have several sweet lessons! 

Saturday, Elder Hanna and I will get to go to the Tri-Cities with Brother and Sister Jones because the "L" family from Wenatchee is getting sealed!!!!! I had to get official permission to go. (Especially because it means leaving the mission). It will be the first sealing I've ever been to! I am super excited to be there and visit with members from Rocky Reach!  The "L's" are an amazing couple and they've been waiting for this day for awhile. I can't wait!

Also, next week's p-day will be Wednesday because our zone is taking a trip to the temple to do an endowment session! I get to go twice in a month!! Muahahaha! :) Don't worry though, I will still be emailing on Monday.

Since I was released as a District Leader right after the "Super" Mission Leadership Council, I wasn't entirely up to speed on everything that changed. Elder Wilkey and Elder Haymond helped to clarify and update me on everything and I am so excited to once again be a missionary to the missionaries. This zone has a unique energy now. Something has felt odd about it ever since I arrived here and it's hard to put my finger on it. I think we are more unified now. After District Leader Orientation I feel confident that unity, charity and diligence will be huge themes here in Moses Lake. We are doing our best to role-play every morning in companion study and it is helping us to teach more in unity. It's building our confidence in teaching together as well! things are looking good! One huge problem that we can't control is that everyone is so busy and they claim they have no time to meet with us even if they are interested. It's super frustrating but we are doing our best to have patience. We love this work and we won't give up!

Well, that picture of Amy and a boy really creeps me out but maybe I'm just jealous? haha jk but seriously though... It weirds me out that I might actually have to date 'n' stuff in the near future. I am not afraid to stand up against apostates and peeps who aren't interested in the church as a missionary but I fear that I will still get butterflies when I attempt to just have a simple conversation with a girl in the future... I hope not! haha being a DL over mostly Sisters has helped me though. It's weird to have a calling where I have to call Sisters multiple times a week and check up on them. Missions are the weirdest thing but they are the best :)

Well, I hope you have a great week! Stay safe and keep being a great member missionary! :) 

Love, Elder Brinkerhoff

PS Start thinking about what to talk about on Mother's Day! It's coming up! :)

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