Monday, April 11, 2016

Hey Mom!

I am not being transferred. However, our mission will have 2 less Elders when the new missionaries will come in so President Lewis has to close an area. He's closing the Moses lake 2nd Ward East area where Elders Bawden and Shupe are serving. Because of that, I am District Leader again! I am changing districts in order to replace Elder Shupe but we are staying in 4th and 7th. Elder Bawden is going to The Dalles... :'(

My District will be the 2nd ward Sisters (Hirsche & Luevano), the Zone leaders (11th & YSA, Wilkey and Haymond! Yay!) and the 10th & YSA sisters (Averett & Michalek). Not too many changes with transfers. I am just sad to see Elder Bawden go. I may not see him again! It will be cool to have Elder Haymond again though! We were in the MTC together and we were trained in the same zone. I haven't really seen him since then!

Thanks for sharing what Sister Lewis said! That makes me happy! I've definitely learned a lot of patience out here!!

I'm glad the van is fixed! That is a huge chunk of change! Hope that new couch works out! Man, EVERYTHING will be different!

Here's some of my trunky adventures: I've been running into so many RM's it's not even funny. It's weird! Also Wednesday night, we decided to knock on a member's door to stop in and get to know the family. They didn't expect us so we weren't sure if they would be home or not. Turns out they were and they were watching Star Wars Episode 7. They invited us to come in but we both looked at each other and agreed that this wasn't going to happen hahahaha We just set up a return appt. Members are evil! ;)

Well, fast Sunday was really good. We went in to talk with the young men about missionary work in 7th ward and it was really fun! We sit in on their individual quorums every week but we lead a discussion on how you can prepare for missionary service and they all had a great time! Lots of powerful testimonies too! After dinner however we unknowingly knocked into a former member who asked to have his name removed from the records. He invited us in right away. Turns out he had a church group over to study the Bible. They were not very nice... They were an odd bunch and the spirit definitely wasn't there. They tricked us and trapped us into a bashing discussion and we tried to get out of there as soon as we could. It was so stupid... Put a damper on our evening for sure but then we went and proselyted for the rest of the night and it was great! We have had a stellar week! We have been talking about family history with many people. It's helped us to get our "foot in the door" with MANY individuals. One guy said that he will put one of our cards up on the bulletin board at the Big Bend College. He himself was interested in genealogy as well! We are going to also meet a lady at the family history center on Tuesday to help her learn more about familysearch! This is all just from tracting! It's pretty great! 

Well, Hope you have a great week! I will continue to Press Forward! I love you!

-Elder Brinkerhoff

Moses Lake Stake Center:

Just took a sec for a picture before visiting an investigator! <3

Elder Radcliffe! ha ha

My hair is much shorter now :)

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