Monday, April 4, 2016

Hey Mom! It was a pretty typical crazy week for us!
Conference was great! You need to make some time to watch the Saturday sessions (including priesthood!) They were all great!

I LOVED Conference this week. We even had ONE investigator watch it (though many were invited...) while she and her husband (member) were out of town! She loved it and they received many answers. I received several answers to questions as well! 

One thought in particular that stood out to me was when Elder Gary E. Stevenson talked about Priesthood keys. He said that it is our sacred privilege to work and serve under the direction of Priesthood keys. I know that I will continue to work under priesthood keys after I return home from my mission, but it really stuck out to me that I don't have a lot of time left. I need to savor every day and remember the wonderful privilege it is to be working and serving under the direction of chosen mission leaders who hold the keys or who have them delegated to them. What a special time to experience this sacred privilege here in the Washington Yakima Mission. Another thought was from Stephen W. Owen when he said that Jesus Christ is the greatest leader because He is the greatest follower of Heavenly Father. That was pretty cool! The priesthood session was great as well because of President Uchtdorf's Star Wars reference! haha There were a couple of trunky talks as well but I will continue to PRESS FORWARD!

On Monday night at 8:30 we were out wondering what we should do. We weren't sure. Nobody was home and it's not polite to knock on people's doors that late. We decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father where we should go. The name "Char" came to Elder Hanna's mind after we prayed. That is the last name of a part member family in 7th ward. I told him that Elder Poloncic and I tried to visit them before and it happened to be around that same time of night. They weren't too excited to see Elders that late at night so I wasn't too supportive of going again but Elder Hanna felt prompted to, so we decided to go anyway. Turns out Sister Char was having major back pains. She needed a blessing and it was the perfect time. Her non-member husband wasn't home so we went and grabbed Brother Hogsett since he lives 2 doors down. She was crying and very grateful that we showed up!

Yep! Transfer calls will be this Saturday. I am anxious to find out what happens! Sounds like your Saturday was pretty crazy!

Hope to hear good news about Emily's mission when the time is right! Also looking forward to my package! Whoo Hoo! Hope your week is great as well!

love, Elder Brinkerhoff

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