Monday, April 4, 2016

What a week!

At zone conference I saw an Elder that looked super familiar from across the room! I walked over and instantly recognized him as a priest from the Duportail ward! John C.! He and his twin brother were among the group that Elders Johnson, Loertscher and I interacted with in priests quorum every Sunday. He's all grown up (haha) and is on a "trial-mission" right now. It's where you go to a neighboring mission for 2 transfers if you have health related or other issues un-endowed and without MTC training. After the 2 transfers it is then determined if the missionary feels he can do the real thing and stick with it. He's currently in his first transfer up in Ephrata with Elder Leavitt (Elder Poloncic's "Father"). It was SUPER neat to run into Elder Cornelison! He and I were able to catch up with each other and he updated me on how Duportail is doing. Nothing too exciting but several of the youth I knew there are now missionaries which is SO cool! Heavenly Father is definitely setting up all these "coincidences" for me. It's pretty fun!

The rest of the week wasn't so great. 

I got a head cold/flu virus thing that knocked me out from Wednesday to Saturday. It started developing on Tuesday with drainage in my throat that made it sore. Then I got super tired, congested and achy. No fever, but just MISERABLE. My ear is all goopy and I feel waterlogged STILL. We were able to get to church on Sunday though and we did a lot of proselyting last night even though I still didn't feel 100% back to normal yet. I still feel the effects of it today. PRAY THAT MY EAR POPS please! haha That will be the greatest moment of this week when it finally happens!!

Things are going well for 4th and 7th wards. Though their progression is slow, many of our investigators are still going strong!! We're really looking forward to actually working this week and for the miracles that General Conference will bring!

Hope your week was better and that Emily gets her mission call soon! I'm so excited to hear the news!

I love you! 

-Elder Brinkerhoff

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