Monday, March 21, 2016

Hi Mom!

No, I am not sorry that I sent my umbrella home. Imagine me holding one on a bike! haha 

Hope Dad's truck and the family van are ok! Please don't cost too much! Have you considered just getting new cars and selling those old heaps for scrap metal? ;) haha

Yeah, my doctor's visit was useless but it was good to do I guess. There was a $15 co-pay that I wasn't happy about... Apparently I have a "fried egg" mole (That's the nickname for it) I can't remember what the medical term for it is but it's not an issue. It's just ugly! Dr. Quinn is LDS and his receptionist is Sister "B" in 7th ward. We ate dinner at her house that night so it was funny to walk in and see her there behind the desk and realize she was the lady I talked to on the phone. She was like, "When you told me your name I assumed it was you but I didn't want to assume and be wrong!" haha  Dr. Quinn knows Elder K. Mark Frost pretty well too apparently! 

I was pretty nervous that my moles would end up being a bigger issue. I was scared that I had cancer and would have to return home early and all of these crazy scenarios kept going through my mind! Did Sister Call contact you about my flight home? She gave me what's considered among missionaries as their "Trunky call" this week where she confirms that all my contact and home information are correct so she can begin filling out my flight info. 

Yay! Glad your hand came back normal in the results!

It's fine if my package is late. At least I'm getting one! YAY! I love reeses and those walmart baked goods (cinnamon rolls, danishes, as you know..) I like surprises too! Some cash $$ would be nice as well (with the understanding that it's MY money you're sending. If I don't have that much at home I would feel bad taking your money. Not too much but enough. Maybe like $20-50 to have on hand just in case.

Yes we had one of our wards talk about the Atonement. 7th ward had a lesson on Joseph Smith. 

Have you guys shared the church's Easter website with anyone specifically? :)

I'm glad you got Sister Jones's letter. She said she was going to write one to our parents so she asked for our address. It's pretty neat to see what she said! She and Doctor Jones are amazing people and I'm glad to be able to have so much interaction and conversations with them! They help us out a ton! Yeah, There are too many accidents in the mission lately. The incident Sister Jones was referring to happened a couple weeks ago to Elder "B's" companion and a Spanish Elder. They butted heads accidentally. One Elder's forehead went straight down onto the other's jaw, cutting his forehead open as he broke multiple teeth of the other Elder. That was the first p-day of the transfer. Not to mention last week, one of my very "jock" zone leaders ruined his ankle bad enough playing basketball and rough-housing that he can't play on p-day for 3 more months... ...and he goes home with me :)

Thanks for all of your continued love and support. Things are well and I am Pressing forward!!! I love you! HAPPY EASTER!!

Love, Elder B

PS Here's a blurry pic of Elders Bonzo and Bawden with me at a service opportunity! We sang hymns in an 
alzheimers care rest home.

Not my favorite place to tract! ha ha

Found a sweet HUGE duck at a member's home!

I LOVE this vibrating Massage chair! It's really nice! Can we get one? hahaha

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