Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hi Mom!

 It was a great week! We've been blessed with 3 new families to teach in 7th ward (So far that's 8 new investigators!!!) 

We have diligently worked to commit member families to doing small Christlike acts of love and service. We've definitely seen a lot of indirect blessings come from this because of the teaching pool we now have. The "M's" are a family that was taught by missionaries a few months back and now have accepted to meet with us again! The "L" and the "C" families are new. The "C's" were prepared by Brother "F" (A member carpool buddy). When we knocked on their door they were open and invited us in to have a discussion on questions they had about the church! Their 2 young kids love us and the parents invited us to come back to teach them the discussions! The "L's" are a part-member family that fell through the cracks for awhile! They were under a former name that wasn't used by the mother for 11 years! Her husband and their kids agreed to meet with us after a member of our bishopric invited them to meet with us. Members are key!!!

Can't wait to get your letter this week! You should get a package this week with some of my winter stuff in it. (I have never worn my winter boots but I like them so I am sending them haha) I love you! Have a great week!

-Elder Brinkerhoff

Moses Lake on my 20-month mark!

Elder Hanna and I

I'm currently borrowing a member's bike. It's VERY nice and I'm doing my best to take care of it!

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