Monday, March 14, 2016

Hey Mom! 

We're doing pretty well! It's been raining a lot this week but we've been blessed because we're often not outside when it downpours super hard. I can't believe how much weather we've had this year! Last year we had NOTHING.

I am super excited for Emily! I can't believe that this is actually happening! How crazy! Feel free to ask but I doubt they'll let me skype since Mother's day is pretty close. I'd be fine if I just heard the news from Sister Hogsett. (She's been out of town but she can just text me.) My call came pretty fast! I'm sure Emily's will too! Be sure to get it on video! Has she watched that Elder Ballard talk yet?

We had exchanges with 5th ward this week. I took Elder Johnson into my area. It was a pretty eventful day! It was the first day of our extreme spring wind. I also popped one of my tires... It felt flat so I looked down and saw a random goat-head sticking in it... We were able to have someone take it home though and we got it fixed. The Jones's have these super heavy duty tires that they helped me put on it. (And I mean HEAVY!!) I'm going to see what my options are because it is painful to ride. It's so heavy and the crazy wind doesn't help at all. 

We also had district council and did some more service at the food bank. We also sang hymns for service as a zone on Saturday at an Alzheimer's home. Daylight Savings Time also Sprung Forward on Sunday. We lost an hour of sleep but we're back to normal now :) We also taught so many people and great things are happening! It's only a matter of time for some of these people. I may also get to go to the temple with the Ludeman family from Wenatchee next month for their endowment and sealing!

The new Easter initiative is out! "Follow Him" It's pretty good! Have you seen the website yet? Sharing it is pretty much my life right now. haha  #HALLELUJAH 

I hope your hand gets feeling better! I'm glad that the car was fixed quickly and un-painfully!! There's a recent convert in 7th ward that has a similar deal going on with his truck. Sounds like the exact same issue funny enough! It was great to receive your letter! It was fun to read! I just wish I could have been there to hear your talk in person. Nathan's letters were fun too! I will reply as soon as I can!

I love you! Have a great & safe week!

Love, Elder Brinkerhoff

Exchanges with Elder Johnson:

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