Monday, March 14, 2016

I received the best letter today from Sister C. Jones.  Elder Brinkerhoff and his companion live in the Jones' home.

Dear Sister Brinkerhoff,

I wanted to send a note of appreciation for your wonderful missionary son!  Elder "B" has been staying in our home for the past several weeks and he has been a delightful servant of the Lord. Faithfully following the mission rules, keeping up with the rigorous mission schedule, he is blessing 2 wards here, and is exemplary to all.  He is well and happy, and has his infectious smile on when I ask how his day was.

     What a blessing it has been to have missionaries living in our home that used to seem empty now that our daughters are grown and our youngest serving her mission in Brasil.  We are so grateful for the stronger spirit in our home, that comes from missionaries residing here.  As a convert myself, I wanted to personally thank you for raising such a wonderful missionary, then entrusting him to the Lord.  He and his companion, Elder Hanna, are having success here.  They are drawing our ward to being better member-missionaries too.

     Elder Brinkerhoff reminds my husband and I of our nephew who will be mission age in just over a year.   So every morning I enjoy seeing and encouraging him, and asking who we can pray for that day for the missionaries.  I have also seen his wisdom growing, he is maturing unto the Lord.  He is putting off the desire for play and recreation because he desires more strongly to faithfully finish his mission.

     This past week he phoned us at our office needing help.  It seemed two missionaries were playing soccer when a significant injury happened to one of the Elders.  Elder Brinkerhoff knew by the Spirit who to call, we were able to work with the injured Elder to help put him back together.  A few nights later, your son, knowing we can't discuss details of our patients, sincerely asked if this Elder would be okay and if he'd be able to finish his mission.  Then he quietly said he had seen enough injuries that forced missionaries home that he chooses to not participate so he can finish his mission.  I thought, this is an unselfish servant of the Lord.  And he is!

     So faithful in being happy in his service, so often checking his little calendar book to see they are on time and who they are getting a ride from and who they are visiting.  He plans well.  He studies hard and leaves and is home according to mission schedule.  Your son is well cared for.  The Lord loves him.  And we've committed to do all we can to assist the missionaries living with us here.

     I told my husband, and we've told your son and his companion--As a convert myself, I feel like Amulek; humble, and grateful to have living in our home Alma, a great servant of the Lord.  We love and respect your son as such and hope you will find peace and joy in hearing of your son's success in the mission field.  It is truly a pleasure to know Elder Brinkerhoff.

Most respectfully, Your sister in the gospel,
C. Jones

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