Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet the Mormons

Listen to this! Elder J. and I had this happen. Yesterday we were feeling kinda discouraged after tracting a bit and all of a sudden this car drives by real quick and we hear the word "Mormons" as it drives by. We just assume someone is yelling hate at us again, but then it turns around and comes back. There's this guy in it that yells "Hey! Are you guys mormons?" Elder Johnson and I are like, "Yep! We sure are!" and he says "I just got back from that Meet the Mormons movie! Have you guys seen it? It was great! I had you guys pegged all wrong! I have the utmost respect for you now! You missionaries keep up the great work and Praise Jesus! God bless!" Then he drove off real quick and we were like almost running after him like "Thank you! Hey wait! What's your name? Where do you live? Do you wanna get baptized????? hahaha lol It was pretty cool. We don't know who he was but the movie has touched someone already! How cool is that?

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Carolyn Smith said...

That is an amazing experience. Too bad they didnt get his name and teach him.