Monday, October 13, 2014

This week's pictures:

Here's a great meal provided by Sister "A" in our ward after 7 hours of weekly planning this last Friday. She spoiled us good with Zips burgers/fish 'n' chips, halloween candy, soda and ice cream!!

Here's where I am every Monday!
 This is the Family History Center where we e-mail. This was from last week.

Here's p-day at the stake center!   
(meWere you studying instead of playing b-ball?!!!! ;o) // Elder B.: Yyyyyyyep!)

Here's some background on what Duportail is! 
All the street names in this area are named after generals.


I Love you mom!!!!!!! :) <3 have a great week!


Carolyn Smith said...

It is nice to see the pictures so we can see what he is experiencing. Boy, eating like that he is going to gain weight.

Carolyn Smith said...

I can read the street name on this picture. It was hazy on facebook.