Sunday, October 5, 2014

Now that I'm feeling less lazy about typing, here are some excerpts from Elder B's  September 1st letter:

"Every other transfer we have a zone conference and in-between we have a temple trip.  We will hopefully get to go pretty soon!

"Yes, we are close to some baptisms hopefully.  "D" is someone I've told you about who is just about there.  We've taught him all the lessons almost, so once everything is done he will be baptized!  We are also waiting for "M's" baptism.  She is a 9 year old foster daughter who just needs a baptism date and will be baptized by a boy in their family who is 16 years old.  It will count for our key indicators though because we were the ones who taught her the lessons.  We also just had a breakthrough with "L" last night.  She expressed many interesting things to us.  She's been to church and we've been giving her reading to do each week.  She expressed to us that she was glad we come visit her and talk to her.  She is grateful for someone that seems to care and for people from a church that are very Christlike and aren't afraid to answer hard questions.  She really is a seeker of truth and that is who we are on the hunt for.  She comes from a Lutheran church that told her not to ask questions and seek deeper truth, so she appreciates that we aren't afraid to answer her questions and have things make sense.  She has told us many times that things are making sense as she's reading the Book of Mormon and she used to be someone who thought that it was evil because it "added to the Bible".  We really have seen the light of Christ in her life.  She needed help with her lawn once and we were there for her to mow down her weeds so she didn't have to pay a huge fine.  She lives in an HOA.  She was very impressed with that, and that I think was the start of things.  We expressed to her that we were always there for her and she trusts us now.  She has always had family problems, and also visits from dark spirits.  She is divorced and has a few grown up children.  A member of the church blessed her home to protect her from dark influences and she has had no problem since.  I can tell she's on the right track.  Last night she expressed that she's always had a sort of sense of spiritual discernment, but she's excited to see what comes to her after receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost if she decides to be baptized!!!!!  Elder J and I nearly jaw-dropped!!! ha ha.

"Our area is super small and Elder J has already knocked on every door now, but that just means it's time to start again!  Tracting is basically useless and I can't wait until we get online proselyting!  I think it would help our work a lot.... It would hopefully give us an hour on facebook anyways! ha ha.  There isn't a whole lot to do in our area, but we have great members who feed us every night. There are some very awesome families here. A strange thing about this area though, is some of the "men" here.  I've noticed that many of them are pretty immature, obnoxious and rude.  Some are very kind, but rough and tough.  Men who are rude to their wives and argue with them in our presence at dinner, or who go a little too far in their teasing of their children (or us, even).  Sometimes even having crazy expectations of missionaries.  It's reinforced to me how important being a mature, kind family man is.  I will never treat a wife or kids that way.  On a brighter note, I bought a Disney tie at goodwill today! ha ha.  I can't wear it right now, but I'll have it for after my mission.  I love you and can't wait to hear from you!"

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