Monday, September 29, 2014

Latest snail mail

Remember, this is an EXCERPT! :o)

Sept 8th and 15th, 2014
Our investigators are still hanging in there.  "L" is super close to actually starting the lessons.  We are just leaving her with reading to do right now.  The great thing is that she reads all we give her and she understands all that we leave with her.  She is progressing very well and has said things that lead us to believe she wants to be baptized.  "D" is having some issues with his testimony.  He thinks that he will know that the church is true after he receives a great awaking epiphany of some sort.  We spent the last meeting with him trying to help him understand how witnesses are received and that he doesn't have to worry.  He was worried that something was wrong with him.  "S" is someone we haven't been able to see for awhile.  He is super awesome but we haven't been able to make any contact with him at all.  We will hopefully be able to soon.

Yesterday we had one of those stereotypical missionary moments where we used basketball for a teaching opportunity.  We were walking by these High School aged kids who asked us if we wanted to play.  We said "sure" and played with them a bit.  They liked us and said we were pretty cool.  One was atheist, and the other was Baptist.  They said that they have lots of Mormon friends and said they were impressed with the Mormon girls who have good morals.  They asked us lots of questions about our missions.  They thought it was a BYU thing! ha ha.  We were able to answer questions and give them pass along cards.  Pretty cool experience!

Marijuana is legal here and very prevalent.  The spirits of the dark side are definitely working hard in our area.  The adversary is working very hard to influence the people here.  Many are wallowing in their drugs and addictions.  Pray that we will be safe.  We don't feel threatened in any way (and don't take any of this TOO seriously) but it is real.  The spirit world is real.  I have never before understood what power there is in the name of Jesus Christ.  He protects us.  He guides us and He is the reason I get up every morning.  This battle against the devil is real.  He is very strong, but the light and power of Jesus Christ are stronger.  Without Him, I am nothing.

I just finished reading about His visit to the Nephites in the Book of Morning and I've found it deeply moving.  3rd Nephi 17 especially.  When he turns to the people in verses 5 & 6 and then heals the sick and blesses the children in verses 11--25.  I have never felt closer to Him than here on a mission directly serving Him.  Before my mission, I couldn't find the time to study the scriptures.  Now, it's all I want to do and I can't find enough time to do it!  Everyone thinks I'm crazy for writing letters and studying on p-day, instead of messing around.

We've done lots of tracting, and we have found a lot of potential investigators this week!  We also found a family this week.  It's a divorced mom with 4 kids and they are super cool!  Her name is "C".  Her son "A" will be '8' soon, which means we have 3 new investigators!  Last week as a district we had 1 new investigator.  This week we had 13!!!  Things are looking up!  We will invite "L" to be baptized soon.  We are trying to visit more members.  We visited a new family in the ward from Pasco and they have a son leaving on a mission in like a week for Philadelphia.  

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