Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter Excerpts

I haven't tried to send more pictures yet! I will in a sec. I haven't gotten anything from you yet, but I did get Nathan and Sarah's pictures finally!  Something I could definitely use sometime is more towels and washcloths. It's kinda gross using only one a week.... It's not urgent, but I'd sure love that haha! Also, there have been 2 more books added to the missionary library for my area! "The miracle of Forgiveness" (SW Kimball) and "Believing Christ" (Stephen E Robinson) I don't NEED them, but there's some ideas for down the road for like B-days or whatever. I have some stamps but maybe when I run out you can send one to me in your letter to use in replying. I have enough envelopes but it's hard to buy stamps because I don't have much time at Walmart the once a week we go. We usually e-mail at about 9:30 am if you want to get on at the same time! There's a lady we're teaching and helping who is a recent convert and i think you should get in contact with her! She is amazing. We're trying to help fellowship her husband. She has 2 daughters. One has autism. She is an amazing little 9 year old with a huge Vocabulary. She is writing a book about her experiences with her daughter and I think you'd love her stories! We call her the miracle woman haha She has a new miracle everyday and we love meeting with their family. 

I think my first week was tough because it was all new. It was hot and I couldn't sleep well either. I'm more used to it now and have a better grasp on all the people we see and everything now too. I've had a much better time :) I was grumpy last week but I'm pretty happy now! I've learned to rely on the Lord and pray all the time. No need to worry! I will write a letter to you once I get your next one. Yay! Internet will be nice! 

I HATE not being able to write e-mail very much but I will do better. Heidi told me just to copy and paste a letter every week and send it to everyone but make a few personal edits. I like that Idea! I'll write to you and then copy it for Grandma and Heidi or whoever. Not many others have written but I have to write to President Ware every week too.. He and Sister Ware are so great! I wish you could meet them. They are some of the most loving people I've ever met! They were approached by Elder Perry and officially set apart by President Eyring to be our mission leaders. They were an inspired choice! I love them very much and they take so good care of us along with the senior missionary couples that work in the office.

I love you!!!!

-Elder Brinkerhoff

We've had a fun week! We ate with the 'W' family and they are really cool people. Did you get my card? How was your birthday? I bet it's nice to have internet now!

Oh man, we've had a great week. We had 3 investigators at church yesterday and and this week we will hopefully extend 4 baptismal invites! Pray that they go well! It would be amazing to have 4 baptisms my 1st transfer!

We have had a couple rainy nights but it has been NOTHING. My companion and I really want it to rain but it never happens... It's just HOT!!! haha No worries though. Everyone takes care of us. My area is very kind to us. There are so many people who will not talk to us, but they insist we come in for some water because they respect the work we do. It's pretty amazing seeing how kind people can be. I usually come home with 5 waterbottles haha The members all take very good care of us too. Great dinners every night. We are spoiled here!

I'm glad you got my card and had a great birthday!! I guess there's my answer now haha I like your snail mail form idea! Keep going with that! 

Thank you for sending the package whenever! I'm trying to think if theres anything else, but I think I'm alright. Maybe some goodies..... ;)

New mission vehicle. 2009 corvette haha jk We got to see these really cool corvettes in the garage of an old couple in our area. They had a '78  and '09 one!

Hey! :)

We did have a great week! Ups and downs of course but mostly ups! I will send a big e-mail in a bit about some of my experiences. Yes! I got the package! Thank you so much! It was great to get it! I was expecting something all week and I didn't get it until Saturday night. The mail comes at about 10 in the morning but we were on exchanges with the Zone leaders so I wasn't home until that night. They all made me open it in front of them. At least there was nothing embarrassing in there. They were just like "Towels?! Well, at least you get packages..." lol They all have been out awhile and don't communicate home much. I promise I won't do that! 

Awesome! Good deal on those books! My companion has 'Believing Christ' and he let me read it. I love it a lot and can't wait to have my own. It has been amazing how much I've been able to learn and absorb from the scriptures and church books while on my mission! It's like never before! Paperbacks are definitely preferable. Thank you for the batteries and candy too! The batteries should last me for 2 years ;) 

So I gave that lady in my ward your e-mail yesterday at church and she said she was excited to contact you! She knows I have an autistic brother so she will probably ask about your experiences raising Nathan. You should also get some more dinner pics from the 'W' family if you haven't yet.

I love you and can't wait to read your letter. Send one this week ;) haha

Love Elder Brinkerhoff

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