Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Domesticated Elder"

I just received this short email and picture from Br. W. this evening (a member of the ward that Elder B. serves in).  This family is wonderful....they feed my son and Elder J. on a regular basis.  During the hot summer months, they keep a small fridge stocked with cold drinks for the Elders so they can stop in and get a drink when they need to (this is a walking car or bikes).  Br. W. also sends me pictures from time to time.  I'm so grateful for this family!!!!
Br. W. titled this picture "Domesticated Elder"! ha ha
"He insisted on helping with dishes after dinner!  What an Elder!  :)
He's awesome."

~The 'W' family

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The Browns said...

Aw! What a cute Elder. =] And that is SO awesome that the "W" family takes such good care of them.