Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hey Mom! Going great! 

My last Zone Conference was REALLY short, but it was neat to hear from Elder Johnson again on my mission and to see a bunch of missionaries I will probably never see again! There's so many new missionaries that I had no idea who they were either. It's so weird! Elder Decker (my ZL who goes home with me) made a comment that he was SO tired. I sympathized and agreed with him. I said "the tired never seems to go away!" then he said something like the tired will go away... in 3 weeks! [  :D and :'(  ]

On Saturday I went on exchanges in Naches with my District Leader Elder Shupe. It was pretty cool. He's from Syracuse Utah and is actually in this seminary video at time :38 seconds! https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2012-09-009-seminary-can-change-lives?lang=eng He's the one who gets up and walks away from the girl in the pink shirt haha

I can't believe Emily is leaving next week! Time goes too fast. I heard a rumor that siblings who have overlapping missions can visit the other if they are still in the MTC but I doubt that's something we can easily do. Who knows if that's something true either. I can't remember who told me that. 

Man, I don't want to come home to sick kids! Tell everyone to get better! :)

I will not likely be having any more baptisms on my mission. There are 2 people who will be baptized here in Moxee in the very near future but they will still be working through some things until after I'm gone. Lots of exciting new prospects are here but not many of them are going very far. That's often the case unfortunately. There are so many people who are set in their ways. That frustrates me so much. 

I am doing well. Although, lately I have been experiencing a lot more moments of sadness. Sadness isn't really the right word though. It's more like I feel solemn. I can't put my finger on exactly why. I guess I have a lot of bittersweet and conflicting feelings right now. I want to come home, but I don't.. I want to get to know the members here in Moxee, but my time here is so limited that it almost feels pointless. Talking to new people is still hard, but I still do it. I don't know what keeps me going, I just know I have to keep going. It feels so good to serve and to be a missionary, but it's so tiring. Do you know what I mean? I have so much going through my mind that I have moments where I just stop and sigh and tell myself to just keep going. Is anything I am faithfully doing helping? Or am I wasting my time? There are so many conflicting voices right now. I can't believe how hard this is. That one poem you sent me in my package was really spot on accurate. I loved that package by the way! Thank you for that! :) 

Well, pray that I can make it through 3 more weeks! I love you and hope you have a great week! -Love Elder Brinkerhoff

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