Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey Mom!

I am so frustrated with 'MyLDSMail' right now haha I keep losing my draft email to you and I swear I sent one to you last week but obviously it never sent and I can't find it in the sent mail either. Oh well.

I got your letter with the $$. That was lucky because the 'M' family is still receiving our mail even though we moved to another place and they just left for a couple of weeks on a long trip! I caught Sister M on the day before they left so I got your letter, my trunky papers and a letter from Grandma. If you sent anything else, hopefully I get it! The 'M's' should have someone else watching their mail so they will get it to me. 

Can you figure out if I can have 3 checked bags or is it 2? That's like the only question I have. In my paperwork it says only two, however I have three... I'm thinking that this might be a problem??

Sorry this is brief, it keeps deleting my drafts to you. Satan is hacking the email system! lol

Yes, we actually had 2 investigators at church! It was wonderful and they had a great time!

I am so weirded out that it's my last week! I don't know what to say! I love you have a great week!

Love Elder Brinkerhoff

Exchanges with Elder Boshard:

So hard to believe, but one more week and this will be true!!!! (ha ha)

(Elder B. when he was about 9 years old)

Here is what he was imitating:

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