Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ahhhhh.....Music To My Ears!

Amy performed in her School's Orchestra/Band concert Tuesday night, and it was fabuloso!  Amy is in the beginning group (because she is a 6th grader in Middle School) and it was the best beginning group I have probably ever heard.  WOW!!!!!  There was also a Jazz band, Concert band and Orchestra, and Intermediate Band and Orchestra.  Every group sounded fantastic...I was very impressed.  It was great to hear such wonderful music-making!  The last performance of the evening was the Nampa High School Marching Band presenting their show "Mediterranean Rhythms".  It was very entertaining (but LOUD!).

Here's Amy getting ready to play (she is the 3rd from the left):
 The whole group (Orchestra and Band students play together....just like a real Symphony Orchestra!).
 Amy is the 3rd kid from the Right (actually playing this time).  Too bad the picture is blurry.  My camera did NOT want to cooperate.
 Here's a partial shot of the High School Marching band show:
I'm looking forward to Emily's Orchestra concert next week!


Carolyn Smith said...

I didn't know Amy was playing the violin. Did I????That is great. I am glad they did a great job. I am sure Emily's concert will be equally as good. Wish I could be there to hear.

Rebecca said...

I don't know, Mom. She played two years ago, but last year they did away with the music program in the Elementary schools. She wanted to pick it up again this year. I really wish I would've recorded the performance. Maybe I'll record Emily's!!!!