Corn that redundant?

No, it's really not....unless you change the spelling, but that's beside the point!  Dean ventured out with the Mutual kids from our Ward to the Linder Farms Corn Maze.  (Emily had a sore throat so she stayed home...we thought it best that she not be out in the cold for hours.  She's mature for her age, so she was ok with that).  Here's a picture of Dean's map.  This was all they had to assist them in finding their way out.  The corn plants were tall.  It was really confusing, and several miles long.  If Dean had been alone, without his group, he'd probably still be lost in the Maze as we speak (his observation, not mine).  It was cold, it was eerie, but oh so fun!  The best part?  Donuts and hot chocolate at the end!


Carolyn Smith said…
What fun. I have always wanted to do one of these mazes. Thank goodness Dean got out ok. Maybe there was a portkey in it somewhere, but you never know where it would have taken
The Browns said…
Ditto what Mom said...except for the portkey...dork. =] Just kidding.
Rebecca said…
Um, yah...port key in a maze? Better leave it alone unless you want to have a run-in with Voldemort!!!!!
A113-Dean said…
The other side of the map was a little more helpful than that side. Plus, if I was alone, I wouldn't have tried the maze because I know that I am horrible with directions.

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