Friday, October 7, 2011

*Thursday Thrills*

It was a good day, today.  No school, no more 80 to 90 degree temps, no one else has gotten stomach flu since Sunday (knock on wood)......we went to the dollar theater this afternoon and watched Cars 2 (it only cost $12 for myself and the 5 kids!).  I walked out the door without my camera, so no pictures, unfortunately.

But, the best news of all?  This evening while browsing Craig's list, I found a very nice, oak dining table (oval--48" x 70" with the leaf) and chairs for $175 HERE IN NAMPA (many of the sets I saw were in Meridian, or Boise, or Caldwell)!!!!!  We went and looked at it tonight and brought it home. There's hardly a scratch on it, and it is oh, so beautiful!  Might I remind you that we have been using my craft table in the kitchen, complete with table cloth, and cheap-o folding chairs.  Better than nothing at all, but not big enough, and definitely NOT very aesthetically pleasing.  Since our house finally rented we went ahead and "splurged".  I have been looking the past couple of days for something cheap (because we're still poor), but decent (at the very least), and really lucked out!  Someone else was selling an identical set on Craig's list for $325 (Geez!).

My new dining set in all its beautiful splendor.  Chair pads included!


Carolyn Smith said...

Yeah!!! I am glad you found a dining set. It will make life so much better and comfortable. I am very happy for you all!!!!

The Browns said...

nice! It's pretty!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! Not my absolute first choice in style, but the price, condition, and seller location was right!

Carolyn Smith said...

When are we going to get an update?????????????