Thursday, October 20, 2011

Houston, We Have Ignition (and heat)!!!!

We have had no heat.  Not too big of a deal seeing that we're not in the dead of winter yet and the coldest it's gotten in the house (that I've seen) is 64 degrees, but the mornings ARE feeling pretty chilly.  We programmed, and re-programmed, the thermostat hoping for results-- but alas, no heat.  I emailed our Property manager (I have learned that if I email maintenance first, a month can go by with no response, but emailing the Property manager assigned to our house gets the job done!).  Anyway, yesterday the first maintenance guy who came was a young guy, a little inexperienced.  He had me believing we had no furnace at all because he couldn't find one anywhere.  "I'll tell the owner you need a furnace!" I asked if he thought it could be in the attic, but he didn't think so and I don't have a ladder so I couldn't check.  A second maintenance guy stopped by later in the day and confirmed that the furnace is indeed in the attic (WEIRD!).  Evidently a trademark of Hubble Homes.  After inspection, it turns out that the igniter was not igniting and needed to be replaced.  They, of course, didn't have the part so ANOTHER maintenance guy came this morning.  The part he put in was not exactly the correct size but was all he had and will work until he can pick up the correct size in Boise tomorrow and then stop by AGAIN to hopefully have the thing up and running for good (or, at least for this winter!).  Sorry--no picture of the furnace.  I don't have a ladder, remember?!!


Carolyn Smith said...

Thanks for updating!!! Too bad about the furnace, but at least it is getting fixed before the cold hits!!!

The Browns said...

bummer, sorry!! I like your free kisses pic on the side. =]