Friday, October 7, 2011

Choir Concert or Alley Cat Chorus?

     Ha hum....hmmmm (clearing throat):  I went to Dean and Emily's (Nampa High School) concert Tuesday night prepared to hear some great singing.  While I told Dean and Emily that I'm sure THEY sounded great, I do have to say that overall, the concert was "not good" fact, it stunk!
     We're used to Coconino High School Choir...yes, there have been some bad beginning choirs there, but year after year without fail the CHS Chamber singers are phenomenal.   The Concert Choir is usually pretty good, too!  Not the case here, unfortunately.  I don't really think that the Choir Director here can be blamed.  He seems like he knows what he's doing...and I mean, you're only as strong as what you have to work with.  Surely there have got to be some kids somewhere at Nampa High School (besides mine) who can actually sing.  Maybe there is a reason why Choir at this High School seems to be a "Well-kept secret"!  Of course, what do you expect when you've got kids in the choir who have names like "Cow" and "Taco"!!!!  I don't think Choir will be on the schedules next year!
 Dean is on the top row, 3rd from the right.  Emily is on the bottom row, 2nd from the left.
 The whole Concert choir (gotta love the robes!)
Getting ready to "sing".

I really miss playing for, and hearing, the CHS choirs in Flagstaff!  Dean really misses BEING in a CHS choir.  Too bad Emily didn't have the opportunity to sing at CHS!!!


Carolyn Smith said...

So sad...maybe you can talk Riddle into moving to Nampa!!!lol I am sure Dean and Emily were amazing!!!!

Emily said...

I didn't realize how grumpy I looked to be there!