Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mother's Day Skype!
May 19, 2015

Hi Mom! Sorry I didn't write yesterday. Today was our temple trip p-day so yesterday was a normal proselyting day... I hate it when p-day switches haha

Crazy news! We are taking over Willowbrook ward and losing Cottonwood Springs! Our Zone leaders cover the meadow springs and Willowbrook wards and they meet at the same time in different buildings. They expressed this problem to President Ware and he decided the best thing would be for us to trade WB and CS. So, Elder Plehn and I have officially covered 4 wards in our time together. Doubled in to 3 of them! Crazy things happen on a mission! It's good though because We live in WB ward and Elder and Sister Cain are in that ward too! We've seen a lot of miracles already even though we've been in the ward only since yesterday.

 Here is last p-day. Elder Galvez (the one from Hawaii) went home this week.
 Pictured are Elders Clyde, Garton, Galvez, Stef, Broadbent, (myself), Plehn and Jeffs

 Temple Trip:

 Look at this creepy thing we saw in someone's yard:

May 25, 2015

Hi! Happy Memorial Day!

Willow Brook ward is great! The area is tiny but there are a lot of excited members of the church who are anxious to fulfill their missionary duties! We really enjoyed our time at the temple on Tuesday and we are loving the new zone members! I'm with a very good group of Elders!

On Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Jensen in his area. We had a good day. However we ran into a certain anti-Mormon I recently told you about. Can you believe that? We were walking to our dinner and we saw this guy standing next to an old truck. He started waving us over so we went and shook his hand. He introduced himself and we both felt the spirit instantly leave. It was powerful and we felt the spirit holding our tongues from engaging in a contentious conversation with him. We thanked him for his time after he spouted out his basic anti-Mormon garbage that he said he always shares on the spot with missionaries. He didn't do much more than talk our ears off for like 10 minutes. We said "Excuse me, we are on our way somewhere and we need to go now."  He was very nice, but such a prideful creep! He gave us copies of all of his anti Mormon tracts, talked our ears off forever (which made us late for dinner) and then asked us if we wanted a picture with him! (We didn't of course... haha) Quite an experience! He was very pathetic and his tracts are ridiculous! I can't believe that he has such a following! Anyways..

We also had protesters at our church building on Sunday! Can you believe that? Mostly holding up signs like "Joseph Smith was a false prophet" and whatever... We have a public open house for the building this Saturday so we figure that is what it was about. We aren't invited but we expect a large turnout! 

We also had Zone conference on Friday. Not much to report other than we have a black box in all the mission cars now called "Tiwi" that tracks all the cars and talks to us. It will tell us to buckle our seat belts or that we need to check our speed when driving and other things. It's pretty interesting! We had a representative from the missionary vehicle dept. on assignment from Elder Nelson come to present it to us. 

Not much more to report but we are working with a guy named "M" and a 19 year old named "H". Those are our top investigators right now and we are of course striving to find more. We have begun having member lessons to get them excited about missionary work. We have seen success already from doing that. Hope you have a  great week! I loved your package and Emily's graduation announcement! Can't wait to get your letter!

Love Elder B

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