Saturday, May 9, 2015

We love this great work....

     We had a good week. Could've been better but we've been doing alright! We had a great lesson with "G". He had the priesthood conferred upon him a couple weeks ago and he has had some struggles with understanding some things but his prayers sound like he's been a member his whole life now! He also is having a better time with the scriptures! He is doing great! 
     This week we went out and picked up random trash in the area for about an hour one day. We had a couple people talk to us later saying "Hey were you the guys in the white shirts that were picking up trash the other day?" We said "Yep! We're just trying to find ways to serve in the community" and they thought it was great! Some hearts were softened this week. It was a great suggestion from President Ware and we will continue to do that every now and then! We love this great work and we are desperately striving for more investigators, but we have a church tour tonight with a 19 year old boy named Hayden and he is very excited! It will be my first one and I am excited as well!

Stinks that you had a headache! 

We play chair soccer a lot here on P-day (You each have a chair and it's a last man standing wins game. You have to kick the soccer ball into someone's chair to get them out and you have to guard your own chair to stay in the game.) It's intense! Elder Adling is the best at it haha He wins pretty much every time. He took an elbow to the face from Elder Connell (ZL) a few weeks ago though and it broke his glasses! Luckily not his nose though! 

Elder "P" and I are both staying here in transfers! Elders Stef and Jeffs are being transferred and we are getting Elder Greenberg, Elder Drummond, Elder Tipton and Elder Barber. Nothing too overwhelmingly exciting as far as transfers go...

Well, Hope you are doing well! I love you!

Love, Elder B

Here's the AP's haha! (Elder's Adling and Stringham) 
Elder Adling is going home today so I needed a picture with him last week.

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