Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1, 2015


No we haven't had more protesters. It seems like the open house for our new building has been a success but we weren't there and the members haven't talked much about it. The building will be dedicated in a few weeks! We are excited for that. It will happen right before transfers. This upcoming one will basically decide which mission I will end up in! It's gonna be interesting!

This has been a great week for miracles! We had our first investigator at church in a long time! "M" is his name. Elder Plehn and Elder Connell gave him a tour of the Stake Center while on exchanges and his friend "T" was there too. He then brought him to our ward yesterday. "M" has committed to baptism and to continue investigating the church. We are making progress with the "P" family too! "E" is the inactive father and he told us that he wants to go back to church and he has stopped drinking for a week! We haven't talked much about the Word of Wisdom with him but we feel that he knows that he needs to come back and change his life. His son hasn't kept his commitments to read because of school, but he and his mom (both non-members) both said that they'd like to come with "E" to church next week! We are so excited! We also found a new investigator named "R" who is a widow with several kids. She has investigated in the past but she is open to listening to us! She has a really neat perspective on life and is a very special person! We know that the gospel will help her so much! We are striving to help the work in the Willowbrook ward become stronger because of the great support from the ward members and because our love of this great work. We are having a mission wide fast and mighty prayer for our investigators this Sunday and we (all the missionaries) are going to bear our testimonies in the wards in which we serve. It's going to be neat!

I've been looking forward to your letter haha! Thanks for the music! I already had the Eclipse stuff and the Noteworthy songs were okay, but I am so happy to have that Brandon Heath song! It's so good! 

I can't believe that Emily has graduated! Thanks for all the pictures! Everyone is growing up!! Time makes no sense... I'll bet it was super weird having a child graduate at the dome huh? :) I'll bet Emily is pretty happy! I'm going to send a letter this week to her.

Well, I love you! Hope you have a great week!

-Love, Elder Brinkerhoff

This is the apartment for Elder's Broadbent and Barber!! It's so cool!

 Candid shot in a member's backyard

Almost out for one year!!!

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