Monday, July 18, 2016

First Email (excerpt) From the Mission Field!

***When I post, I am going to be careful about revealing Sister B's location for her safety (since this isn't a private blog).

I'm glad you got the picture of me at the airport!  I didn't know how to send it to you because I only remember our home phone (if I have any more numbers they're probably packed up!). Don't worry about losing time to write because there was enough on your plate at the time!:) And yeah, I haven't caught the flu.  I'm having a little trouble with allergies because of the farming, weeds and livestock in this area.  I took an allergy pill and some eye drops, which by the way, I don't know how to refill those prescription eye drops. 

The flight over here was so much fun!  I felt a little dorky because everyone else was used to flying already and looked kind of bored and sleepy (we did get up pretty early).  Meanwhile I was all wide eyed and happy.  It took everything in me to not start squealing and gabbing on about it the whole flight. :)  I was just sad that it was so short! :(  It wasn't too bad being the only sister amidst all the Elders, since I knew most of them well, not to mention that less girls means less drama, right?  I miss them actually, because I feel like I've known them all my life and was just separated from my brothers again! :(  But it's all good!  

I was nervous about meeting my trainer, but she's incredible! There have been a lot of transfers and boundary changes here.  Sister 'S' (my trainer)  was originally in the Pocatello Mission and has been in the same area for her mission so far.  She's been out for four months and was shocked to be called as a trainer, but she's doing a great job!  She's very humble, kind, sweet and smart!  She has a reserved personality, but she's really great at conversing with people.  We work off each other well in lessons!  We haven't been able to teach as much as we hope to because a lot of people have cancelled on us or haven't been home.  Last Friday was the worst because NO ONE answered, but I'm not too bummed about it because that sounds normal in missionary work.  Sister S. just feels bad because it's usually not that way.  I've noticed that there are many less active members here, which reminded me about my blessing.  This Idaho-Idaho Falls Mission is kind of in it's infancy and the ward definitely needs some strengthening.  Most of them feel offended by other members in the ward and just feel like they don't need to go to church to show their faith (WRONG!!!).  So it's a little frustrating for us, but slowly but surely we will hopefully help!  I forgot to mention that we are in charge of eight wards, so we bounce around all over the place!  Sunday was the craziest day so far because of all the meetings with the bishops we had to schedule!  I love it already up here, and the people are great!  We have a recent convert, 'B', who got baptized and had his daughter receive a baby blessing before I got here, and he has a great testimony! 

Hope Dean's still doing okay!  I pray every day that he will adapt back to "normal life" alright.  I imagine it's weird for him right now, but I also bet he's enjoying some sleep time! :)
I love you and hope for the best!
Your Daughter,
Sister Brinkerhoff 

At the MTC:  Sister B. and a great friend from Idaho!!!

A face from home!

Study area in Sister B's current residence:

Sister Brinkerhoff and Sister S. in Idaho!!!!

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