Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brand new Missionary!

Just set apart as a Missionary!

 The following pictures show our trip to Utah:

(Found this at one of our gas stops)

(On the roof of the Conference Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake)

 (Church History Museum)

(Family Search center in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building)

(At the Christus in the North Visitor's Center at Temple Square)


Loading up the car to leave for the MTC

Getting some help from Aunt Phoebe and Cousin Austin

 (Emily and Aunt Phoebe)

Saying goodbye at the Provo Temple

 Entering the gates of the MTC in Provo

 (Unloading luggage at the curb)

 The final goodbye

We told Emily we would go to Walmart in her honor (she used to work there) after we dropped her off! ha ha

 This was the fire rainbow that greeted us upon arriving home

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