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From Sister Lewis's blog (I removed many of the pictures from her post and mostly kept the ones that Elder Brinkerhoff is in)

Trainer & Trainee Meeting 23 October 2015                                    

2015-10-23 T&T Training (1)This afternoon we met with all the newly arrived missionaries in the south part of the mission for T&T Training.  These missionaries arrived Tuesday, traveled to their new areas Wednesday, had a day of work, and now returned to us today (Friday).  It was Great to see them again, rested, settled, and happy!  Lots of unknown factors in their lives are now known, and they are ready to work!
The training today was excellent.  President Lewis reviewed the Four Essential Truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ:
        1. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World
        2. Joseph Smith saw God, the Father, and the Son
        3.  The Book of Mormon is the Word of God
        4.  The Priesthood has been restored to the earth.
We also talked about Companion Unity (see D&C 38:27).  I talked to them about the Adjusting to Missionary Life booklet and how to use it.  Then 2 of our local Zone Leaders, Elders Krogue and Wilkey explained the 12-Week Training program and how it works.  They compared it to the example in the Book of Mormon of Alma and Amulek (Alma 10) which is very similar to the situation these missionaries are in.  They had time together to prepare and learn before being sent out to teach, and they had power given unto them.
We also talked about Accountability and Responsibility and trusting in the Lord, who places His trust in us.  2015-10-23 T&T Training (13)2015-10-23 T&T Training (14)2015-10-23 T&T Training (15)2015-10-23 T&T Training (22)2015-10-23 T&T Training (25)2015-10-23 T&T Training (26)2015-10-23 T&T Training (29)  2015-10-23 T&T Training (30)2015-10-23 T&T Training (31)  2015-10-23 T&T Training (32)2015-10-23 T&T Training (33)After a short break, we separated into 2 groups–the Trainers went upstairs with President Lewis and the new missionaries were trained by the Assistants, who taught them about Sanctification and its effect in our personal lives.  They talked about ways they can become more clean and pure or worthy to be representatives of Jesus Christ and the effect that will have on others as they teach.  They watched some video clips from training seminars that were excellent examples of teaching by the Spirit.2015-10-23 T&T Training (48)
The Trainers and President Lewis talked about this sacred responsibility of preparing this new group of missionaries.  They reviewed the 12-Week Training booklet and how to use it and discussed things each learned from his or her trainer when they were new.  It helps to remember the challenges of being a new missionary and how that feels.  These trainers are some of the best missionaries in the mission.  We are so grateful for them and their willingness to teach and pass on all they have learned.  Some of these trainers are “young” meaning they have only been here a few weeks themselves.  It’s remarkable what we are asking of them.  We have complete trust in them and can’t wait to see these companionships develop as they learn together.2015-10-23 T&T Training (40)2015-10-23 T&T Training (45)2015-10-23 T&T Training (49)2015-10-23 T&T Training (50)2015-10-23 T&T Training (51)Here are our fearless Trainers:2015-10-23 T&T Training (54)Then we met together again and watched a video clip of Elder Holland’s wonderful MTC talk from 2011.  (Please watch this if you are able to.  We showed them the ending from minute 37:44 on.)
2015-10-23 T&T Training (56)2015-10-23 T&T Training (67)Next Tuesday, we will get to meet with the rest of the Elders and Sisters who arrived during the last 2 transfers.  I’m already looking forward to it!

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