Monday, October 19, 2015

Transfer Week!

First, he teased me with THIS email:

"The good ol transfer predictions board!! One person guessed it right!" (Predictions for each Missionary are listed vertically)

And then several other pictures which clued me in that he is being transferred this week:

"Said goodbye to the 'H' family last night :o( "

"My last District Counsel in Wenatchee"

Then he finally sent me an explanation! ha ha
Hey Mom! 

Yes I do actually have a couple requests: Can you also send me that Presidents of the Church DVD set that I sent home? And when you send the DVD's can you not send the covers? Just the discs in sleeves or something? Also if you can somehow find a good pair of work gloves for cheap that would be helpful. I have some but they are slowly deteriorating haha OH! And "Meet the Mormons" would be great, too!

How was the WML presentation? That is a super funny story about Greg. Probably pretty embarrassing too... Glad he's not missing! Thanks for the pictures of dad's birthday! The kids are too funny!

Yes, I am being transferred back down to Yakima!! I will be serving as the District leader and a trainer again in the Randall Park Ward (Formerly Yakima 1st) in the Yakima Zone. My future comp is in the MTC today and will arrive tomorrow! I leave this Wednesday :( It will be super sad to leave Wenatchee). This ward actually borders Yakima 2nd! It's pretty cool! I am very nervous but more excited than anything. I will get to visit the mission home and the mission office is smack dab in my area! It's going to be sweet when I know who my comp is, where I'm going to live and what the heck I will be doing!!! I'll find out soon! :)

Have a great week! I love you!

-Elder B :)

"'L' made us this Halloween cake!"

We helped the Columbia Hills Elders help their Bishop and this is his backyard!!

Touching the Columbia River!

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