Sunday, September 18, 2011

Labor day....literally!

Labor day's for working, right?  It is at OUR house.  No time for fun HERE when there's a yard in need of care.

BEFORE (lawn in need of mowing, LOTS of weeds):

 Emily babysat:
 Amy watered plants, pulled weeds and swept:
Chanon pulled weeds, mowed and edged the front lawn:
 Dean pulled weeds:
 I pulled weeds and mowed the back lawn...unfortunately I whacked one of the limbs off of this poor (HUGE, I might add) Praying Mantis:
 Almost done:

                Amy sweeping (it didn't quite get posted in the right place):
Weed Whacking:

We ran out of day, and there are STILL some weeds out back that need to be bagged up.....*sigh*
But still, the backyard looks better NOW than it did in July....wouldn't you agree?!!!!!-----

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