Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Barbershop Festival

Last night Emily participated in a Barbershop (aka:  4-part close harmony) Festival at Northwest Nazarene University's Swayne Auditorium here in Nampa.  There were two professional groups who performed, but the other numbers were performed by High School Students.   Several quartets (and an octet or two) performed, and then there were 3 large group with the male high school students, one with the female hs students, and one combined (over 500 students in all).  It was very enjoyable and Emily had a good time.  She sang in the female and combined groups.  WOW--they sounded FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
(Female Group)

  I wasn't able to get very good pictures because of the lighting (and the fact that I was sitting too far back in the auditorium) but here's one with the male/female High School combined group:
This obviously is not a picture of the whole group...I was trying to zoom in on Emily but this was as close as I could get.  If you look closely on the Right hand side above the date stamp (right above "09"), there is a man with a black jacket and red shirt.  Emily is standing right next to him on the right (second girl above "27").  There was an amazing professional group called "Heavenly"...a quartet of college girls from Sacramento State University.  They did indeed sound Heavenly!  This festival was for groups all around the Greater Boise area...kinda like a Barbershop Regional Festival or something!!!  Very Entertaining, and the High School quartets were very impressive!


The Browns said...

AW! Cute!

Emily said...

I had a blast, but I didn't enjoy the first concert at school for the concert choir. Ah well...