Sunday, September 18, 2011

In case you were wondering~

If you WERE'NT wondering, then just skip over this post!
1)  We still like living here
2)  I DID get the "lovely inked designs" off my couch.  (whew!)
3)  We are STILL using my craft table and folding chairs.
4)  The boy's room is where the girl's room used to be, and the girl's room is now where the boy's room used to be.
5)  Sarah stopped getting into the soap.
6)  Nathan and Sarah still make messes, but it's not as bad as it used to be.
7)  Now it gets dark here around 8:00.
8)  Emily still hasn't finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book).
9)  Dean finally got his Pottermore email and has been having fun with the website.  The only bad thing?  He got sorted into Slytherin!!!!!! )o:
10)  Yes, I've been walking at that cool place with the ducks (I've even lost 18 pounds since I moved here!)
11)  Nathan finally got a haircut
12)  I did finally find my was in my camera bag (right where it was supposed to be.  LOL!!!!!)

Did I miss anything?  If so, leave me a comment!!!!


The Browns said...

Wow! Cute posts! Except for the infected finger post. EW. Love the butterfly with Nathan post! And you actually LABORED on labor day? We went to the stinking expensive fair! Holy cow, the carnival area is ridiculously expensive! GEEZ! Anyways, That's horrible that Dean got sorted into Slytherin! What's that about?? Didn't they have questions or something that would prove he's practically Harry potter's long lost Twin???

Great job losing pounds! YAY! AND WHY did you change the kids rooms around? And were THEY OK with that? =]

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Heidi! Dean thinks he got into Slytherin because of his answers to a couple of questions. For example, one question had to do with what he wanted to learn at Hogwarts, and one of his answers was "hexes and jinkses" or something like that. {Correct me here, Dean!}

Yes, the kids were Ok with the room change. The bigger room has a smaller closet, and the smaller room has a big closet. I thought the girls would need a bigger closet for all their junk, but it turns out that they really needed a bigger room (duh). Everyone's happy, and it feels "right" now.

Dean Brinkerhoff said...

Yes Mom. I picked hexes and jinxes thinking that it would be learning spells. I realized that AFTER I clicked on it!

Rebecca said...

Well, it stinks to be you--"Slytherin boy"!!!!! he he (o: